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Re: How to Grow Leeks

Great article! Last year I planted leeks for the first time (King Richard) I made the mistake of not planting them deeply enough or not mounding soil around the leeks as they grew; so the crop was not a huge success. I live in Northern Virginia and plant some of my vegetables as "edible landscape." This year I bought musselburgh leek seeds and am going to try again using some of the information I learned from this article. I am going to plant the seeds indoors at the end of February and transplant them outside about April 1. Our average last frost is April 15-20; so I may cover them with newspaper if we get a frost. I have a raised garden bed 5' x 18'. I will plant the leeks down the middle of the bed in a row and plant a row of beets on one side and a row of bright-light chards on the other side. To make planting easier and more uniform I wanted to make a template to use to make the holes for the leeks. I am going to use a 12" X 12" piece of 1/2" plywood, attach a screendoor handle to one side and attach 1/2" diameter dowels, 4" long spaced 6" apart on the other side of the plywood. Is 4" long enough for the planting holes?