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Re: Plant an Asparagus Patch

I would like to move some asparagus plants that have been growing in my zone 7 garden for about 10 years. Should I do this now, or wait till Spring?

Re: Herbs That Attract Pollinating Insects

I have most of those herbs in my garden, but what the bees love most is marjoram! My marjoram plants practically sing with the buzz of bees, and they are so concentrated on the pollen that you can almost pet them!

Re: Elder, Herb of the Year 2013

Thank you Susan for a very informative article. I collect Elderflowers and berries in the woods near my house each year. For design purposes I am considering planting a "Black Lace" Elder in my garden. Do you know if one can also use the flowers and berries of this lovely decorative cultivar for extracts, jellies, etc?

Re: Using Compost and Manure Teas in the Home Garden

I like the idea, but am not sure I see how this is different than mulching with the compost and letting the goodies be extracted by rain and watering and just leaching into the soil.