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Re: Rabbit Manure in the Garden

As a child some 20 plus years ago, My gradparents moved to the country and had one awsome garden with just about any thing you could grow in it. They also had around 60 rabbits at any one time. I must say that from the experiance I had as a child growing up there during my spring breaks and summer vacations, I plan on doing the same soon when I move with my family to the country. I never found so many worms in my life with the turn of a Single shovel scoup. And yes they used the manure in the garden because that was one of my chores to shovel it and wheel barrow to the pile. Some of the best tasting foods I ever had, and they did not use any thing other than that for fertilizers,. but also had spring water to keep them healthy. other than basic compost like table scrapes of egg shells, and coffe grounds and such.
I aslo plan to use the manure for worm beds to collect and sell the worms on the road side or to a local shop. Theres all kinds of money to be made once you start homesteading. Its not just about self living.
So, you got the Food from the garden, the meat from the rabbits, the worms and poop for helping make food and such and worms to sell for money... can't loose really. About as Organic as you can get!