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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

Tomatoes from last year seeded themselves and I had several nice plants of mini yellow pear tomatoes. I took a sturdy seedling and planted it in one of the highly touted "as seen on TV" hanging tomato bags. Here on Long Island we suffered this past summer with day after day of 90-plus degree heat and almost no rainfall. In order to keep the bagged tomato plant from wilting, I had to water it at least twice a day. Some days the plant nearly got cooked by the heat and sun, and at times I felt that I was becoming a slave to it's seemingly insatiable thirst. Meanwhile, the other tomato plants in the ground or in self-watering grow boxes did not require the same level of vigilant attention. However, as compensation for my efforts,that one hanging, bagged plant, is still producing oodles of little yellow pear tomatoes. But I will NEVER, EVER use one of those growing bags again -- at least not for tomatoes!