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Saving onions and garlic

Every year I grow too many green onions, onions, scallions and garlic.  I give away a lot to prevent spoilage as you can eat only so many of these yummies before you run out of money buying...

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Re: Extend the Seasons with a Cold Frame

I live in Lake Charles, LA which is about 60 miles from Texas border. I like to grow salad greens and carrots in the winter. I grow tomatoes, bell peppers in the greenhouse all winter. My problem is not necessarily freezing, although it will do that occasionally. My problem is our weather goes cold/hot/cold and I find myself constantly checking the temps and opening/closing the greenhouse as well as cold frames, covers! Does anyone think that using hay bales would be more useful? I am willing to try anything!

Re: Build Brick Garden Pathways

Maybe I can do this as well with a little imagination using one of those stone paver systems where you pour your own concrete! Maybe, just maybe, my long-suffering husband will quit grumbling about all the raised beds I have in one area! He won't have to mow around them anymore!
Heh, heh, heh.....I have plans!!

Re: QUESTION: Keeping Groundhogs Out of Raised Beds

Ok, so what do I do with the destructive armadillos we have here in southwest Louisiana? They get into my asparagus bed, name it! I have threatened to sit up at night, all night if needed, just so I can shoot the critter!!

Re: Build a Support System for Your Strawberry Netting

My strawberry bed started off squarish then as I added to it, the shape became roundish. I have a hard time keeping squirrels and a few rabbits out. I did have a shade netting system on it at one time (when squarish) but it was too short to get into it comfortably to weed and pick. This year I plan on making one similar to yours but quite a bit taller as I need to keep shade netting over the strawberries during the summer around here! I live in southwest Louisiana and the summers are really hot!! I've seen strawberries get sun scald in June and July!

Re: The Herb that Keeps on Giving

Yep, chives are VERY reliable! I planted some several years ago in a rose bed at the recommendation of my mom who said her grandmother did this to prevent rose pests and diseases. Well, it has done exactly what my great grandmother said it would do....I have never had any pest problems of any kind and rarely have any black spot either. I also can't see the ground in the rose bed.......nor the base of the roses! Oh, well, it's a small price to pay for eternal chives!!!