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Re: Should Weeds Be Added to the Compost Pile?

If you really don't want your garden waste to be driven away in a gas-guzzling lorry, and then shredded by a gas-guzzling shredding machine, there is a way of dealing with the perennial roots, seeding weeds and other allegedly difficult to compost materials.


Yes, plants need air... even roots and seeds, so if you put all your suspect weeds, seedheads, running roots, etc, in a bucket of rainwater for several weeks, all the living vegetative material will die and start to smell... well, 'fragrant'. The liquid can be used as a feed, as it will contain soluble nutrients (like nettle tea, comfrey tea)or you can tip the whole lot on the heap. This is a guaranteed way of dealing with all roots, seeds, regenerative stems... everything. I've even done this with Japanese Knotweed, one of the most difficult to kill plants.

John 'Compost' Cossham, York, UK

Re: Roast Some Healthy Pumpkin Seeds

So you leave the outer coat on? I'm not keen on all that extra roughage... I eat enough of it as it is!
I like to sit and shell dried pumpkin seeds... it is easy and after a while, quite quick, and you end up with just the succulent inners. I put these in my muesli and in nutloaves. The shells are good for your compost.