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Re: Pole Beans Versus Bush Beans

I've started growing pole green beans last year and they grew great (I am in Zone 7, Jersey Shore area). The trouble was my eyesight is going (a common problem once you hit the Big 4-0) so this year I am planting purple string beans and yellow wax beans so I can see the beans to pick them before they get huge and gross. I am also going to grow lima beans and garbanzo beans. Those are both vines and will climb up a structure of bamboo stakes with strings handing down. The vines climb up the strings and when the beans are done I will cut down the strings and vines and compost both!

Re: 9 Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden

One other thing worth mentioning -- a home grown vegetable garden can be beautiful! So not only are you putting good, wholesome veggies in your childrens' tummies, you are making a pretty picture too. Put a white picket fence around your veggie garden and it looks like a romantic cottage garden!

Re: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Saving the Past for the Future

The really nice thing about Southern Exposure is that it is offering a LOT of USDA organic seeds. I will be sure to order from this company as soon as I finish dreaming about all their choices! Could take a while!