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Re: QUESTION: My tomato plant is not producing fruit

Hi Rebecca,

Having a huge plant with lots of branches and leaves may be your problem. When a tomato plant devotes its energy to making leaves, it wont give anything to making fruit.

A plant that is six feet tall is too tall. I have several that are about 3.5 feet tall and making plenty of fruit. As the plant grows, you want to prune back extraneous branches so there is just one primary stalk. Once that stalk is about 4 feet tall you want to clip it.

Between the branches you might start to see new leaves which eventually will grow out into other branches. Pinch these off! They're called "suckers" and they will suck energy from fruit making. Once the plant has been trained to grow a certain way, it will put a lot more energy into growing fruit.

If you get flowers which still don't turn into fruit, try giving the plant a firm shaking (but not so hard you break it) to stir the pollen in the flowers. Keeping a few bee-attracting flowers around can also help the pollenation.

And, per usual, water deeply and frequently and make sure the plant gets a lot of sun.

Hope this helps!