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Re: Garden Supplies On The Cheap: Thrift & Dollar Store Edition

I'm a thrift-store junkie so I appreciate your garden-shopping sense. I've been really happy to find trowels in the store - can't have enough of them - often 'shelved' with the kitchenware! Never thought of the sering spoon but I'll be sure to pick one up next time. Also a great place for plastic bins - the kind you use to store clothing - which are great for storing mulch, and other soil amendments once you slit open the bag. Also - and this is my FAVORITE use of bins - they make GREAT mini greenhouses! (See my comment on your plant protection post today).

Re: Protecting Your Investment

Your protectors look fabulous! Have you blogged about your great raised bed 'lids'? If not, I would love to hear more - and see the plans so I can build something like them for my plant 'babies.'