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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I live in teh St. Louis area - zone 6b. Very hot humid summer this year following last year's cool and rainy one. I start my own seeds and planted Park's Whopper, Ildi, Jelly Bean, Red Alert, and Super Marzanos this year. I had high hopes for the Marzanos but will never plant them again - huge problems with blossom end rot all through the growing season. None of the other varieties showed any signs of BER. Many of the Marzanos cracked at the shoulders and some would turn to mush on the vine. The flavor isn't so great for general eating, but they do make a good sauce. I bought 2 Amish Paste plants as back up and just picked the first ones this week - they taste wonderful and had no BER problems at all. My Park's Whoppers produced reliably all summer even with he heat. The Ildi is a great yellow pear tomato and the Jelly Bean lived up to it's name - very sweet and great flavor.