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Re: Build Your Own Raised Beds

Ruth writes: Masik, this is an old article, so we can't ask the author about exact soil quantity, but we can do the math. The bed shown in the drawing is 4x8 and roughly 1-1/2 ft. deep, so filling it would require 48 cubic feet of soil (5-1/3 cubic yards). Hope this helps.

Ummm, I'm just a dumb Maine hick but as far as I know there is 27 cu ft in a cubic yard. Not sure how you get over 5 cu yds from 48 cu ft?

You are also calling the bed 4' x 8' x 1 1/2 ft deep but it is not that deep. The author uses three 2 x 6 section for the sides, since these are actually nominal 5 1/2" the bed is actually 15 1/2" deep. Subtract the 4" freeboard
The author suggests and you have actual depth of 11 1/2". So, it would take between 1.08 & 1.18 cu yds of material to fill a raised bed using the Authors dimensions/plans.