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Mini worm farm

When one retires, "down-sizing" is the catch word.  I sold my cottage with it's beautifully wild and productive permaculture veg garden & now live in a 5th floor bachelor unit.  I did...

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Re: Practical Problems, Artful Solutions

I am as green with envy as your beautiful vegetable garden! And thanks for the clear description of your squash "playpen" - I trust you won't mind if others copy the design?

Re: How to Grow Leeks

I always grew leeks before "downsizing" & found that, with care, one could gently pull a plant until the top of the root was just below soil level, then cut it off with a sharp knife and firm the root back into the soil. The leek then regenerates, tho it will be smaller than the first cutting.
Corinne (South Africa)

Re: Paying Your Gardening Skills Forward

Thanks for sharing, Greg ... heartwarming indeed! (typed heartwOrming & that reminds me to post my mini worm farm, just to take sort out the photo. Corinne

Re: DIY A-Frame Veggie Trellis

I recently retired, sold my house & moved into a bachelor unit ... I MISS my garden & all hints, advice and "small space" designs are a blessing. I live on the coast & have become a "beachcomber"; timber reclaimed from the sea will be used as a climbing frame for my peas on the balcony, but the hinges will certainly help for the supporting pieces. Thanks!