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Re: Keeping Insect Pests Out of the Vegetable Garden

And remember, if you find a tomato hornworm with what looks like little rice grains all over its back, Don't kill it! It has been parasitized by a Braconid Wasp! She has laid her eggs on it, and when they hatch, the babies will EAT the hornworm - and then they will grow up to parasitize More hornworms! Braconid wasps are some of the tiny, non-aggressive guys that you would never even notice. Beneficial insects are SO cool!

Re: Build a Compost Pile to Suit Your Style

dardew: it can be very risky to compost the manures of Omnivores or Carnivores, as their manure can contain dangerous pathogens. Please contact your local Cooperative Extension office for info on what needs to be done to Safely compost the - er - Deposits of your lovely Big Pups!

Re: Scary Plants For Your Halloween Garden

I'm a master gardener in CT. What fun we had in the office a couple of years ago when a client brought in a (GIANT) Devil's Claw plant for us to ID. It was growing in her compost! It took no small amount of research, but we finally came up with it - Not something we find in our zone 6 neck of the woods very often! Apparently she had composted a dried-flower-and-seedpod arrangement, and, well, let's just say this was a good example of how seeds can survive in a "cool" compost pile!