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Are You Ready for Garlic?

Being Unprepared Stinks! Are you ready to plant garlic? Maybe not. After all, it’s still summer, it’s hot and autumn seems a long way away. But garlic planting time will be here before...

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Re: Are You Ready for Garlic?

Markinbed...great! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Are you planting the whole bulb or cloves from the bulb? You will do better planting the individual cloves.
Rvemar, I have never grown garlic from the seeds in the scapes...sounds very interesting. Here in Texas, I would pull them up and replant the cloves but only when they are ready. The snow peas next to the garlic proves the experts are not always right!
Ruth, thanks so much for the encouragement. I am glad you had a good experience with Gourmet Garlic Gardens. It seems they have all the information one would need...and very helpful.

Re: DIY Self-Watering Transplant Tray

Wow...great design! I may try something like that as I begin sowing my winter crops...a couple of weeks from now. I can tell you are a pretty creative guy. I know you folks are having some terribly hot weather as we are in Abilene. Ready for some rain and lower temps! http://westexasgardener.com

Re: Lettuce Grow All Summer Long

Great tip! This might work in West Texas during milder summers. It has been so hot here that even my freshly irrigated Okra wilts. We generally have to wait until the weather moderates a bit to plant lettuce. It's a marathon just to keep all the beds watered. Check out my blog: West Texas Gardener http://westexasgardener.com