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Tomato plant

This tomato plant grew from under the deck...I didn't plant it. Its spreading everywhere . It warped around my chairs and table so I had to put plants on the chair so no one will it.   Tomatoes are...

Einstein is guarding his yard,

Einstein enjoys his evenings outside while mom works in the yard. 

My sunflower fell down. wind blew it down..I staked it back up but not sure if it will survive. :(

lots and lots of flowers surround my kramer's grave. kramer. Oct 21 , 2004 to march 27, 2014.

Making some progress with pond!!

DIY backyard pond (this one is 1100 gallons) all you need:  a hole in the ground, 13ml black liner (25ftx20ft), rocks to secure the liner, and lots of hard work mine is now home to an abundance of...

Jumbo Sunflower: 12 feet and still growing!!

Checking in on this giant stalk's progress


Einstein, my adorable bichon frise, watching momma garden.

Jumbo Sunflower: 12 feet and still growing!!

In preparation for the upcoming storm, I have just secured my heaven-bound stalk by fastening it to dried poles of bamboo.