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Re: Preparing Your Garden For Fall

this year unfortunately I have been infested by the stink bug. I am in a community garden and they do now want us to use pesticides that can cause issues with the environment- What do you suggest I do this fall to eliminate the bug for next year? They have destroyed my pumpkins, squash, cucs and zucchini. Thank you

Re: My sunflower fell down. wind blew it down..I staked it back up but not sure if it will survive. :(

My sunflower plant grew taller than my one story home. I love it. So far I have 30 buds on the stalk, it is so lovely and the Finches are loving it too. But I made the mistake of sharing my other sunflower buds that had bloomed and withered to my bird squirrel friends, and I got a squirrel climbing up to the highest point of my huge sunflower plant and he broke it down. But luckily only a small part of the stalk fell it is still beautiful, hope yours it too.

Re: 5 Things to Do With All Those Fall Leaves

Thank you for the leaf tips - I have put just whole leaves on my garden beds before - Do you suggest putting leaves on strawberry plants - I think I am going to try the leaf mold ideas also - I have left over chicken wire from my vegetable garden bed. Please let me know about the strawberry plants = it is starting to get cold here in Michigan

Re: Plant an Herbal Tea Garden

Thank you for this article. This year is my first time growing chamomile. In this article you mention that I can drop the flower petals from the chamomile into my tea for more flavor, what can I use the fern like stems of the plant, are they to be grind up to be used as tea leaves?
Thank you