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Re: What Not to Add to the Compost Pile

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Re: The Tomato Dilemma: What kinds should I plant?

I live in Oregon so getting a tomato to maturity is tough...not a lot of hot and sunny days. Nights drop frequently to the high 50's...even in August!

Tomato's developed for our climate always do the best here:
Oregon Spring
Early Girl
(any 'early' types..not big tomatoes but at least you get a good crop)

I've tried cherry tomatoes too and they ALL do well:
My favorites....
Sun Gold (favorite..sweetest)
Sweet Million
Yellow Pear

Heirloom varieties, as well as beef steak, have been tough to get them to ripen. We usually run out of warm weather before they can get going strong. 'Wall-o-waters' and other things to keep the temperature up would help but I'm too lazy to work that hard. If they don't produce on their own they get the boot from my list! Ruthless, am I!

Things that got boot'ed:
Mortgage lifter
Green Zebra
Big Beef
Old German
(its not that they WON'T grow here...its just not enough production for me to count them worth it)