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Re: How to Grow Saffron Crocus

I was presented Saffron bulbs from an Arab friend who brought them from Damascus. According to him, they were the finest quality that was kept exclusively for the Khalif. I planted 36 of them in my farm in Huntsville and my cousin planted the remaining 24 bulbs in Birmingham. My bulbs were bigger than the usual ones you find in the market. In their first Fall each bulb gave one to two flowers, and in the next Fall we had between 2 and 3 flowers. I digged them last summer to see how they are doing and to my surprise they multiplied. Now I have about hundred or more of them and it is my third year. I noticed that the flower is big and some flowers had white color. A friend told me that my Saffron's flavor is stronger than what he has in Nashville.

Btw, according to many references, Arabs were the first to plant Saffron and harvest it in Europe, and that started in Al-Andalus "Spain". Also, Moors grew this flower and used it in their dishes and as a medicine way before the Romans. Although some references claim that the flower is originally from Syria.The name Saffron "Zaa'faran" is Arabic.