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Re: How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

Just found your site on Pinterest. I read with interest your post on summer squash (our most favorite and anticipated vege in our garden). I have planted yellow squash and zucchini three years in a row and have harvested nothing. So discouraging! I went out the last two years and diligently picked squash bugs, squashed and submerged them, picked eggs, submerged in soapy water, nothing worked. About the time I get little baby squash I am completed blown over by the number of squash bugs. Thousands of them! And then... boom! Vine boarer kills the plant and it lays limp on the ground. I have tried planting icicle radish in the middle of the hills. No luck yet, but I'm a persistent little booger and will try again this year. I am trying the bucket burying idea (also with my tomatoes). If anyone has any ideas for help with these jurasic park like squash bugs and vine boarers, please help!

Happy gardening! We're so ready here in Missouri. Spring has been slow to arrive and we're all starved for warmth.