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Re: Dye Easter Eggs in Nature's Hues

Instead of cheesecloth, use pantyhose. With pantyhose, you can directly enclose the leaf without egg white. Faster, pretty and easier for kids (I learned to do this when I was about 10 from a magazine article just like this)!

Re: Culinary Herbs That Grow Well in Shade

Finally, some info on Shiso!

I couldn't find it because of all the names it is known by. It is an absolutely beautiful (but small) leaf with a wonderful fragrance when rubbed and neat flavor. Google "shiso" to find an latimes article on how to serve it all types of foods (sushi, fruits, salads, etc.).

I found the Korean version of this plant as a "leaf caster" (add cement to leaves to cast a fossilized imprint) a couple of years ago where my neighbors were growing it in their garden in dappled shade.

Thanks for mentioning it - I'm finally able to go find seeds!

Alternative names in various Ethnic markets:
-perilla, bai su (Chinese)
-ohba, aoba/oba/akajiso, shiso (Japanese)
-purple mint, Japanese basil, wild coleus, beefsteak plant (American?)
-deulkkae (translates into "wild sesame"), kkaennip ("sesame leaf") (Korean)
-silam (Indian)
-tia to (Vietnamese)