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At Don Pedro Lake, CA. Where we visited for July 4.

Garden Location

It seems we don't have the pollination we should have, even though I've planted Lavender, Ayssilm, Marigolds and have roses. The bees came too early and didn't return! We have other helpers like a...

QUESTION: Spots on tomatoes

I'm not sure what caused this problem, Haven't seen anymore of them.

Grow a Row year II

My second year garden, Husband built a beautiful raised bed. 4' X 16" tall X 24' long filled with tomatoes, beets, carrots, lettice, flowers & pepper plants. The corn is taller than our 12...

Beginners Compost

I've been reading about composting and trying it out. The first try went gross and slimy with too much, not mixed in well,  chopped fruit peelings. Try two, in this barrel, seems to be...

QUESTION: Compost & Ammonia

Someone told my husband that pouring ammonia in our new compost pile will accelerate the decomposion process, as that's a byproduct of the process anyway. Is this true? I sure want to know before he...


I've enjoyed using a camera for a long time, but now am having fun in this new garden as new things appear. God has done a fascinating thing, the way He designed all things in nature and I love...

My "Grow-a-Row" Garden

This is my first garden. For the corn, I dug out the dirt & husband laid chicken wire to keep out gophers, put amended soil back in. The rest is planted in barrels and large pots set up on...

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Re: QUESTION: Spots on tomatoes

I'm pretty regular with watering, letting it flow slow and deep every other day. The soil in this raised bed is sandy loam from an orchard, used potting soil and manure, with some compost, mostly near the top. The lettice at the other end of the bed was all pulled up and had a lot of dusty, pale grey powdery stuff that smelled moldy all around the roots. Before I could dig it out, my husband had mixed it into all the soil, though not at the other end under the tomatoes. Possibly it's traveled to the tomatoes? Should this soil be all replaced? It's not planted or being watered right now.

Re: How and When to Water Your Garden

We water every other day, early morning or late evening depending on how busy our scedule is. (This keeps us on the city watering scedule as well.) I tend to water twice, to make sure all gets a deep drink down to the roots.

Re: A Few Good Bugs to Fight Tomato Pests

I'm wondering which of these fiendish little monsters have caused my tomatoe babies to grow silvery, mushy area's on the bottom side? I'll try to include a photo.

Re: Replacing Some Suburban Front Lawn

Oh I love those beautiful pumpkins and plants! I have some huge, lovely pumpkin plants-no blossoms and no pumpkins!!! Plenty of water, & some miracle grow, rich soil. (sob) My first try.

Re: QUESTION: Compost & Ammonia

Thank you Chris! I think I'll go with the "animal by-product" and save the ammonia for cleaning windows. Ever hopeful, husband said possibly it could be used in a modest portion mixed with water. But for now, just water and our central valley heat is doing it's magic and my barrel of compost-to-be is breaking down and getting darker all the time! I'll try to get some photos online.

Re: Tomato harvest summer 2008

I'm looking for a green striped tomato with a mild flavor, I had one-yum!
Where are the vegetables at White Flower Farms? I just couldn't find any at the site, though they were listed on the home page(??)

Re: Tomato harvest summer 2008

I checked out Whiteflower farms and can't find ANY vegetables, although they say they have them! (?)

Re: Gardening Tip: What to Do When Everything is Ripe at Once

Acually the main purpose of my first garden is to give at our church. It goes to the Seniors, the food pantry and so out into the community. We end up trying out new fruits and veggies, and sharing recipes as well and I'm making some recipes on postcards with a photo of the recipe on it. It's a great way to meet, share and have fun with people. I want to say Thank You! to the Vegetable gardener site where I've learned so much!