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Re: 5 Best Container Gardening Ideas from 2013

I love wall of water. I put 5 in yesterday over my tomato plants I have reused them for several years. When you remove the plastic, just dry them out well before you store them. I wait until April to put in the rest of the tomatoes. I just can't wait for "real" toms.

We use dry leaves for mulch. And when they are gone, we use alfalfa (its expensive but it works so well) As the flower decomposes, you get fertilizer and the left over straw provides really good moisture retention.

We (my grandkids and I) also planted pea plants, pea seeds and carrots yesterday. Its a strange year.

Re: How to Control Voles in Your Garden

I too have trouble with the voles eating roots. My raise boxes are lined with hardware cloth, the voles just go up over the edges. I am trying windmills from lehmans catalog supposedly they don't like the vibration from the wind turning the propellor.