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Re: QUESTION: Getting rid of ground squirrels?

What about using real cat urine? I have 4 house cats and use a litter system that traps the urine in an absorbent pad. I could easily don plastic gloves and squeeze it into a spray bottle. I'm thinking it might be better to dilute it a little with distilled water since it's really potent! We have wild rabbits, moles, voles, deer and crows for pests.

I wouldn't spray it directly on my vegetable plants, but I wonder how it would affect my vegetables' growth. I encourage my cats to come into the garden with me and leave their kitty scent, and none of them bothers the plants or does their business in the garden (a 20 ' by 40' fenced area with some semi-raised beds and some areas of open gardening--a work in progress.) One of them (Maisy) actually killed a vole and proudly brought it to me. No, she's not for sale!!

Comments anyone?? Should I go for it and spray away or stay away from the spray?

GrowMoore in NC

Re: How to Grow Potatoes in a Trash Bag

Please, can someone tell me how many seed potatoes (chunks with eyes) do I plant per bag? I have searched and searched dozens of instructions people have presented and none of them mentions how many to plant per bag/container. I'm using biodegradable, BPA-free 30 gallon bags. Thanks!

Frustrated grower in NC,