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Re: QUESTION: Zucchini Pests: Help! What Are They and How to I Kill Them?

It looks like you have 2 pests getting your plant....the picture with the eggs on the underside of the leaves belongs to the squash bugs (beetle). I have squished quite a few of the adults and found these eggs on them. The babies of the squash bugs have the same shaped body as the adults, but they have a white color to them instead of the brown. Another culprit to a quickly dying squash plant is the vine borer....I have not found a good solution. I wrapped the bases of my plants with foil, but that did not work. I did find that some plants have sent out new roots and basically grown a second plant. Pretty amazing...I will be having late zucchini and acorn squash this year, which is better than my zero yield last year.