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Re: Recyled Raised Beds

The ingenuity of gardeners never fails to amaze me! Reusing the swimming pool is a great idea.
I also recommend the use of irrigation pipe, 1" if possible, because it is so easy to manage, it curves nicely and most important it is made to be UV resistant so doesn't break down.
Here is a tip. If you are looking for some try asking people who install irrigation if they have any old stuff that they have removed or replaced. There will probably be splits in it but that doesn't matter to you as you will not be putting water through it.
We found some that a local farmer had tossed out and we are still using it today more than 6 years later.

Re: Extend the Seasons with a Cold Frame

We have been using mini-hoop houses, which have many of the attributes of cold frames, for nearly five years now and they make veggie growing so much easier. We use Mikroclima as the covering (which we now sell from our web site) and find that we rarely need to remove it.
But whatever the covering used I would certainly agree that protecting your plants is the way to go. Your plants love it and you get earlier and healthier veggies with less insect attack.
Everyone should try it!