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Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

Question: It looks like you grew all of this from that one little lonely sprouted spud in the bottom. Is that right? Or did you add more that we couldn't see? How long until harvest? Last question: Did you use the technique of adding dirt on top of the leaves called "hilling" or did you just grow that whole laundry basket of potatoes from that one lonely spud?? If this is what just one eyed spud can do-all I can say is WOW! Can't believe how well it grew out!

Re: How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

Hey this seems like a good and viable idea! I'm one of those Georgia home gardeners that plant crookneck squash every year and all I ever get is a lot of foliage but no squash.I'm willing to try anything...