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A video Update on Our Community Garden

Here is an update on our Camarillo Community Garden's Antonio Garden a year after breakng ground. We have had Diasy Girl Scouts, families, single gardeners, from all walks of life. We have one ting...

Video: Creating School Raised Bed Gardens

Our Camarillo Community Gardens members, members of the Master Gardeners, school staff, parents and students came together to create a new batch of raised bed gardens at a local school. The response...

Video: How to Transplant Seedlings

This video will show you how to transplant your young seedlings to the garden or larger containers.Related video: How to Start SeedsFor links to articles, blog posts, and videos on starting vegetable...

Video: Building a Community Garden

A movie showing the construction of our newest community garden, from bare lot to happy gardeners. The Antonio Garden is Camarillo's first community garden.

Video: How to Start Seeds

This video will show you how to start plants from seeds successfully. Seed starting is easy, and I used this method to grow several thousand plants lasts year.Related video: How to Transplant...

recent comments

Re: Video: Creating School Raised Bed Gardens

I am sorry I missed your comment before this.
It is great to have (or, now, to be) a grandparent that shares with children. I remember my Grannie and my dad introducing me to tangerines, pineapple guavas and other fruits we grew as a child. They are still my favorites.

Now my grand-kids live with me, and I introduced them to these fruits as well, and again, they have become favorites. In fact, they go to the same guava tree to get fruit and say, "Thank you, Orville!". They never met my dad, but appreciate what he did to provide for the future.

This program is like my dad's guava tree - planted not for today, but planted for the future.

Re: Raised Beds: Who Has a Cool Design?


Raised beds can be any height you want. I make mine about 8" tall as that is the width on the lumber I had on hand.

We also built a number of raised beds at our community garden 8" tall. For the mobility-limited gardeners, we made them 2' tall and that seems to work well. It just takes a lot more soil mix to fill them.

Re: QUESTION: Why do my peppers droop and wilt?

Peppers should take the same care as tomatoes. There are several diseases that can cause plants to wilt and die, but you don't provide enough clues to tell what it is.

Please check your plants for insects (aphids, flea beetles, etc.), then (if there are no huge infestation) check the plants them selves, starting with the leaves. Look for mottled blotches (mosaic virus or spotted-wilt virus), then cut and examine a stem. Slit it lengthwise and check for brown streaks (verticillium wilt). If this is the case, rotate your crops to places that have not had tomatoes, potatoes or cururbits.

You can get local advise from your local Agricultural Extension service or Master Gardeners. Good luck!

Re: QUESTION: Spots on tomatoes

I don't know what blight looks like (most cause some sort of damage to leaves or stems), but what I see in the photo looks like 'blossom end rot' to me. It is a physiological (not disease) problem caused by a calcium nutrition and water balance problems. It is aggravated by high soil salt content or low soil moisture. It is most common in sandy soils. Maintaining an even soil moisture is the cure...

Re: Video: How to Start Seeds

Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate the time it takes to leave a comment.

Steve, the tub is a grandkids' sand-n-water play table. There are better ways, but it was here and I believe in 'reduce, re-use, recycle' ;)

IhateBugs, You'll have to check your local suppliers. The brand I use is Sun Gro Sunshine profession mix #3. It can be hard to find among all the repotting mixes...

Re: Video: How to Transplant Seedlings

Why thank you, Shirley! I appreciate the comments, especially coming from you! Props on my video from a TV star! Very cool!

Re: Video: How to Start Seeds

Why, thank you, Chris. "Classiest ev-ah!" I like it!

Re: Renee's Garden Offers Personal Touch

Good review, Jodi. Renee's is one of the best seed suppliers I use. Her seeds never fail to satisfy.

Re: Seed Starting Strategies

Two comments:

Renee's is one of my favorite seed suppliers. Her seeds are tested in a number of different climate zones in California and have done very well for me. I use Renee's Seeds when I give classes to new gardeners. I have confidence in her seeds' performance, and so far, the newbie gardeners are having spectacular results.

On seed starting:
I prefer to moisten the seed starting media before filling the seed trays. The dust is an irritant and should not be inhaled. Damp media doesn't produce the dust that dry media does...

Re: New Seeds for a New Season

If the Halona melon is the same as the Halogen, it is a good melon, but it really does require heat to develop the best flavor. In mild temps, the flesh is rather bland, but during our hottest weather came out quite tasty.