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Re: Raised bed designs

Raised beds are nice. We have them on a vacant lot which is filled in with debris from a demolished house. But they are made of 2" stock. These appear to be made of 1" stock. Also, we use strong untreated white pine. But we make a mixture of powdered charcoal and boiled linseed oil. The mixture is the consistency of thick paint. We give the wood two coats. For the last two years we have not seen any rotting. Further, for strength we use Simpson Strong Tie corner brackets at the inside of each corner. Then, from the outside of each corner we use 4' or 6' timber ties (2 / corner). Finally, each corner is overlapped so that we get a very strong box. The minimum size board is a 2 x 12. The actual dimensions of a 3 x 4 bed would be 37 1/2 x 49 1/2.