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Re: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Keeps On Growing

I've never seen so many strange and odd-ball seeds in my life and I've read my old catalog so many times it's falling apart. I've been waiting for the Baker Creek 2010 catalog and check my mail every day as soon as my dog lets me know when the mailman passes.

I'd like to make one observation: I think your slogan doesn't quite go far enough. "Catalog Features the Rare and Unusual" is accurate, but other seed companies sell some rare and unusual seeds. What pushes Baker Creek to the top of my hit parade are the many seriously peculiar seeds. Where else in the world are you going to buy Cannibal Tomato (eggplant) seeds?

Therefore I think you ought to ought to add "and the Never Heard Of" to your slogan to read

"Catalog Features the Rare and Unusual and Never Heard Of"

I hope I get my catalog soon...