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QUESTION: Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetles are back.  I hand pick them or knock them into soapy water in a little dish.  They drown immediately but I am wondering if there is another way to trap them.  I do...

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Re: Mixed Berry Granita

I have given up printing recipes from this site. Even the shortest recipe ends up wasting three sheets of printer paper. Why can't I just print the recipe???

Re: QUESTION: Squirrels in the garden and bird feeder invaders

It is most unusual for squirrels to eat daffodil bulbs as the bulbs are poisonous. The squirrels do love tulip bulbs though.

Re: QUESTION: Garden Beetles

I have grown an organic garden for forty years and had problems with vine borers on my squash, etc. I found that plain old black pepper does the trick. I just sprinkle the pepper around and on the base of the vine. No more problems. This woorks for eggplant too, but in this case I sprinkle it on the developing fruits. No more holes in the eggplants. I have a feeling black pepper may work for other plants too as the bugs sure don't like it.