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Re: Cole Play: Crops for Winter Gardening

Thank you for sharing, I have been admiring your pictures. I tried growing brussel sprouts once and never got any sprouts- i would like to try again, it's one of my favorite vegetables. The violet cauliflower sure is pretty, I've never seen that before. I've not grown chicory and never even heard of tatsoi before- can you tell me more about those greens?

Re: Planting for Scent, Touch, and Sound

My favorite plant for scent is lemon balm. It does nothing for me as culinary use, but it does smell pretty!

Re: Are You Ready for Garlic?

I've been growing garlic for three years; this spring they seemed ready early- the leaves had browned and the stems were falling over. I pulled some but the bulbs looked moldy and were soft. Also hadn't grown to full size. What could have caused this?