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Re: Containing Potatoes

I plant sweet potatoes in a container that I got from the dollar store. The kind you would store Christmas stuff in. It cost 12.00 dollars and it works for me. I filled it with old horse manure, top soil and rabbit manure. I got potatoes a few big ones but more smaller ones. I would like to get them all big, what am I doing wrong? This year I bought straw and peat moss, don't know what they will do but I'll try the straw. What about peat moss, will that work? More fertilizer? I watered every day. The vines kept growing even in September, did I pull them too early? They were the Beauregard type potato. I read somewhere to keep the soil as it would be good for this years crop. Is that okay? I'm going to use it anyway, will treat with lime though. Thanks for all your tips, they are great.

Re: How to Grow Superb Summer Squash

I love all your ideas, and I will certainly try a few so I can get my zucchini, honeydew and cucumbers back again. I have had so many gnats, squash borers, and squash bugs problems this year I'm going to do things differently. Like, first thing I tilled my garden. I added my lime and it's sitting for a month. I do however like that other member's idea, using Pyganic is it? I thought Nematodes but I don't think they worked all that well. Will rotate all the plants, but I do need a some kind of spray to keep them away. I will do the milk/soda carton over the seedling trick too.

Thank you for all your suggestions.