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Re: Broccoli, Peppers, Peas and 'matoes!

How do you get broccoli to grow so well? It's always been a problem crop for me.

Re: Success with Cabbages

I don't believe I've ever seen a cabbage this big! Great job!

Re: QUESTION: Wild mushrooms..good or bad?

Mushrooms like decomposing organic matter, especially wood to grow on and also moisture. So, it means that the soil you have contains wood particles. It also means that you have a rich soil, which is a good sign. But the wood has not been decomposed properly yet. In any case, you can't really get rid of mushrooms, they have extensive underground root system. The little mushrooms you see are just like fruit on the tree, which in this case happens to be underground. So, just try learning to live with them. They will not kill or harm your veggies, don't worry. Just make sure to wash your veggies properly before eating. You can try pulling the mushrooms out as soon as they appear but it won't work really since the spored would have spread by the time you see the caps appear. The best is to remove the entire system, which would require getting rid of a lot of your top soil. Some of the mushrooms can be dangerous when eaten, so if you have kids or pets, you must keep them out of your garden. Also, after touching the mushrooms, wash your hands before eating. I went through the same :) Hope this helps :)