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Re: Grafted Tomato Trials Set to Begin

I grew 75 plants this year. 26 Grafted, 42 Ungrafted, and 7 volunteers. I purchased my grafted plants from Garden Life, Burpee, Hirt's, and Territorial Seed. My ungrafted plants came from a variety of sources; on line, nurseries or garden centers, seeds from a variety of sources, or seeds I had saved. 78% of the ungrafted plants had average to very high yields as compared to the grafted plants which was around 65% average to very high. However, only 23% of the grafted plants had very high yields compared to 48% of ungrafted varieties. I did not grow the same variety of grafted vs. ungrafted side by side. However, it seems that the smaller fruited varieties (salad/paste size or smaller) did the best as grafted plants. Sadly, the large fruited varieties did avg to poor and many of those were still susceptible to leaf diseases which a robust rootstock won't fix. I have had success using Actinovate when I plant to help control these. Just need to make sure you use de-chlorinated water when you mix it up. Overall, this year I had the biggest crop of beautiful tomatoes I've ever had. I have raised beds and planters that I amend with compost and worm castings every year. Organic Fertilizer (Bob's and/or Dr Earth) at planting time. Then just sunshine and water. No pesticides. The clear winner for sheer size and numbers: Bill's Big from Lazy Ox Farm, followed by Super Fantastic (about 60 pounds from one plant) and Carmello (also another 60 pounds). Interested to see your results...