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Re: 15 Herbs That Grow in Shade

Nice collection, I haven't used red perilla for some time

Re: New Recipe Ideas for Garden Vegetables

Wow! Cucumber and basil drink! Love it!

Re: Vertical Lettuce Garden

Very nice :) These stacked pots are coming back into fashion recently, I've seen a few different applications of them in some local garden centres lately

Re: My Pool-Table Garden

Fantastic idea! Did you end up building this in the end? Would love to see a picture :)

Re: Leek and Potato Soup

A family classic! Haven't tried adding chives into the mix before, I'll certainly bare this in mind for next time!

Re: Stinging Nettles

Can't beat a good Nettle tea! There's obvious reasons why people squirm when they here the word nettle but you're right, when handled correctly they do offer some interesting applications.