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Re: The Benefits of Growing Potatoes in Containers

I have been using the smart pots for the last 6 years with good results. Roll the sides down so you fill with compost or garden soil about 6 to 8 inches plant potatoes when the potatoes get about a foot high roll the sides back up and fill the rest of the way up with compost. I use a 20 gallon smart pot and plant 5 to 6 seed potatoes

Re: Newspaper Mulch: The Cheap Organic Weed Barrier

If you check with your local newspaper they sometimes give away small rolls of news print paper that does not have enough paper to run on the printing press. We put it down in the garden and covered with mulch easy to roll out and cut off can put several layers down.

Re: Recyled Raised Beds

For the person with the in ground pool I saw a story of ag couple that drained there pool and had it filled up with top soil and created there vegetable garden

Re: I need your help with my seed choices!

Try growing any type of vegetable in an earthbox or any self watering planter gardeners supply has a wide selection. I have had really good luck with peppers and eggplant. Never got much production from eggplant in the ground