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Another Great Reason to Plant Parsley

When the snow flies (and it will!) and you are planning your herb garden for next season, be kind and remember the butterflies.  It's an amazing that the butterfly eggs will hatch out and...

Summer Berry Ribbon Sauce

Blackberries & Strawberries to Save for Winter Ice Cream

Everbearing Strawberries Seascape

Everbearing strawberries protected with bird netting.

Frustrated Spring Gardeners - Seize the Moment! Try Patch Gardening!

This innovative gardening style - I occasionally come up with a good idea - is perfect for someone like me with limited energy and heat sensitivity.  I call it "Patch Gardening" and you can...

Chester Thornless Blackberry Blossoms

Pretty pink blossoms followed in August by large, sweet blackberries.

Dill with Sweat Bee

Tiny "Sweat Bee" is about 1/4" long

"Radiator Charlie" the Clear Winner!

"Radiator Charlie" lived up to its "Mortgage Lifter" nickname.  Although a tomato crop won't be paying off my mortgage any time soon, its claim to being large and tasty proved...

Eggplant Topiary Revisited

You really can grow eggplants in containers. 

Filo Pastry with Goat Cheese and Spinach

My new old cookbook

Alpine Strawberries

Decorative & Delicious

Heirloom Tomato History

Where'd Your Tomato Get Its Name?

Eggplant Topiary

I bought two eggplant seedlings and then decided to read about their "care and feeding".  According to Barbara Damrosch's "The Garden Primer", garden writer Nancy Bubel has recommended growing...

Square Inch Gardening

Someday soon, these little guys will grow up to be 5" heads of Garden Babies Butterhead lettuce from Renee's Garden seeds.  I need to be heartless and pluck a couple more out of the pot - I...

recent comments

Re: QUESTION: Broccoli with lots of leaves & no stalk

Try adding bone meal around your broccoli plants. This helped mine - I just wish I'd added it sooner. Too much nitrogen will result in lots of leaves - no produce. Plants need phosphorus as well as nitrogen.

Re: Crispy Kale

I haven't made this in years - the less oil the crispier. Try it with seasoned salt!

Re: Thinning Vegetable Seedlings

I just transplanted quite a few lettuce seedlings - most of them made it. They need protection for a few days from sun or heavy rain. I snip the ones that are too close to pull and transplant the rest. It can't hurt to try!

Re: Growing Vegetables in Containers

Great post, Ruth - I have my seeds (container lettuce - Garden Babies Butterhead) from Renee's Garden and organic potting soil. Rain or not - there's a container in my garage with their name on it this week-end!

Re: Video: Composting Made Easy

Did anyone else see the "slow gardening" methods of Felder Rushing in the NYT Home section? His method of composting should comfort beginning gardeners. Mr. Rushing is quoted as saying he has two rules: "Stop throwing all that stuff away and pile it up." Well said!

Re: Beets

I just placed an order for "Baby Ball" beet seeds - they shouldn't need peeling - no red fingers or countertops! I recently tried Beet & Goat cheese salad at a local restaurant - apparently a classic I hadn't heard of. I would have loved it if they hadn't used canned Harvard beets!