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Re: A Pepper for Every Garden

My two favorite peppers are the Black Hungarian and Tequila Sunrise. The Black Hungarian is a beautiful plant, 2-3 feet tall, w/ dark green leaves w/ purple veining and purple flowers! The peppers are similar in size and shape and heat to a jalapeno, but are dark purple, turning a dark maroon when ripe!
This one makes a stunning salsa with purple tomatillos, red onions and purple cherokee tomatoes!

The Tequila Sunrise is also 2-3 feet in height. The blossoms are white, the peppers are horn-shaped and a beautiful sungold color! It is a great sweet salad pepper, or stuffed w/ goat cheese, it makes a wonderful appetizer.

Both are prolific producers, and the plants are so pretty that I plant them in my flower garden!