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Stuffed Squash Blossoms: Need a better recipe

Stuffing and frying squash blossoms is a lot of work and mine were kind of bland. Do you have a better recipe to share?

How to Harvest and Dry Coriander

The best thing about growing cilantro just might be coriander. Here are six easy steps to harvesting and drying coriander.

Tomato hornworm with braconid wasp larvae

Here's a photo I took of a tomato hornworm acting as a host for braconid wasp larvae. Fun running into this guy first thing in the morning, without even a cup of coffee!

My first salad of the season

I got a late start this year, but finally I was able to make my first homegrown spring salad.

Crispy Kale

Here's a way to get your vitamin C and your daily recommended allowance of salt. Pretty delicious!

Write about your garden!

Here are some tips on how to post to this site.

Using Baby Garlic (Green Garlic)

Baby garlic (green garlic) is young garlic that is harvested and used in cooking before it has a chance to grow up.

Video: Fridays at the Farm

Feeling disconnected from his food, filmmaker Richard Power Hoffmann joins an organic CSA farm. This award-winning documentary is an absolute treat!


Spring will be here soon...


Pretty and edible, too.

It's time to start planning

The experts recommend keeping good records. I think I can handle that.

recent comments

Re: Video: Fall Vegetable Garden

I'm not sure about SoCal, but here's one about a winter veggie garden in Northern California. Hope this helps at least a little.


Re: Kids Can Make Bird Feeders Out of Sunflower Heads

This is so cute. I love it!

Re: How to Harvest and Dry Coriander

Leslie, why not plant extra? Or would you use all that up, too? :) I'm that way with basil.

I prefer ground coriander to using to the whole seeds. There's something about the burst of flavor in a seed that's too much for me. I usually try to crush the seeds by pounding on them with the side of a knife, but I'm thinking if I had a small coffee grinder specifically for spices, that would work, too.

Re: Veggies in July

I had the same problem. My back garden is a flop and I have everything in containers on my side yard. Better luck next year!

Re: Grow Chamomile for Tea

Ooh, good question, and Ruth's answer about not wanting the seeds to grow now makes a lot of sense. Do you have enough to broadcast some in the fall and some more in the spring? That's what I would do if I couldn't find a final answer. You could also post it in our community section and we will put it in our "Ask a Garden Question" blog: http://www.vegetablegardener.com/blog/ask-a-gardening-question

Re: Eggplant Topiary Revisited

I'm very impressed!

Re: Grow Black Tea in Your Garden

Ha! I love this post. I'm in Zone 6 so I could actually try to grow this plant. Cool!

Re: Northeast Tomato Plants Struck by Blight and More

I just found out my CSA (in Connecticut) lost their entire crop of tomatoes! I feel bad for them... and also for me because I was reeeeeally looking forward to getting tomatoes every week.

Re: Broccoli, Peppers, Peas and 'matoes!

I know, mine is very puny.

Re: Mexican-Inspired Summer Squash Sauté

Wow! I'm glad to hear you liked this recipe so much...

Re: Filo Pastry with Goat Cheese and Spinach

Okay, okay, I'm sold. I found this book on half.com for under $5. Ordering it now...

Re: Nasturtiums as Food and Companion Plants

I love nasturtiums! I planted them everywhere this season.

Re: Video: How to Build Raised Garden Beds

markgro, that is such a great tip. Thanks for sharing...

Re: Cool Kitchen Garden Containers

I couldn't agree more. Little by little, I guess!

Re: Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist

I started lemongrass from seed this year. It took forever to germinate. I am going to try to overwinter it in a pot...

Re: Heirloom Tomato History

Ripe old age! *snort*

Re: Suburban Backyard Chickens

They seem to be posing. I want some!!

Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

This makes me wish I had some seed potatoes. Maybe next year...

Re: Pep Up Your Spring Salads with Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress

With a name like that, how could I not plant it next year?

Re: Gardening Tip: Watering on the Cheap

This is pretty smart. I'm never sure how to maneuver the hose, either. At first I thought this was a rain collection system!

Re: Early May in Austin

That eggplant looks delicious!

Re: Raised Bed & Whiskey Barrel Gardening

These are great posts! Pretty and edible. What more can one ask for?

Re: How to Make Fruit Water

Ooh, cucumber sounds awesome! Got me thinking of borage...

Re: How to Make Fruit Water

Yum! I dropped a few frozen berries into a glass of water this weekend after reading your post. I forgot how much I love fruit water!

Re: Growing Vegetables to Save Money: Important Tips to Consider for First Time Gardeners

These are some great tips! I'm on a mission to really learn about preserving this year.

Re: Matt's Famous Guacamole

I tried your recipe. It was great and received many compliments! The only change I made was to add some chopped red onion. I might try it next time without.

Re: Raised beds (yet more)

I love this "I" layout!

Re: The Dirt on Soil

Wow! There's so much here... What an informative post. Thanks so much!

Re: Beyond Basil Pesto

Oh no! It sounds like you've got nettles coming out of your ears...

Re: Write about your garden!

That's great. Post away!

Re: Grow Birdhouse Gourds

How cool is this?!

Re: Video: Composting Made Easy

You might want to check out the NYC Compost Project web site for more info. Either copy and paste this link or click the link above, in the text beneath the video. http://www.nyccompost.org/

Re: Organic and Inorganic Mulches in the Garden

I love the idea of living mulches best, and will definitely be trying that this year!

Re: Mantis garden

Love it!

Re: My first garden

When I read "my first garden" I thought maybe you posted someone else's photo accidentally. Impressive!

Oh, and I love the scarecrow...

Re: Keeping Rabbits Out of the Kitchen Garden

This is so timely, seeing how Easter is on Sunday. I don't mind if he brings candy but he'd better not trample my plants!

Re: Vegetable Gardens for Children

I wanna see a photo of the teepee!

Re: DIY Landscaping: A Lawn and Garden Plot Years in the Making

All of you must be so excited that this is taking shape so well!

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

Wow! Impressive.

Re: Meet the Magnificent Marigold

I love pot marigolds! I started a whole bunch... I should post a video we have about drying and using the petals in cooking.

Re: Controlling Aphids in Your Garden

Wow! Can you please share that photo in the gallery? It's so neat.

Re: Success with Cabbages

Looks like this cabbage was given steroids.

Re: Garden- 2008

These photos are beautiful.

Re: The Benefits of Growing Potatoes in Containers

Why am I so intimidated by potatoes?

Re: sunflowers

They're pretty huge. I'd be proud, too.

Re: Friendly Blue Mason Bees are Perfect Pollinators

I'm hoping to get on this year, too. I saw one on Gardener Supply web site. Very cool...

Re: Recently Built 4 New Raised Beds for Vegetable Garden in our Backyard

These are going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see what you plant...

Re: How to Win the Snail Battle

I can just see it. "Hi, can I borrow your ducks for a few days?" :)

Re: Amaranth

Please do! I'd love to know what the yield is and if it's worth it to grow them for grain. I am excited to see your pics and hope you post them in the gallery...

Re: Video: How to Prune Tomatoes

I had wondered about this too, so I searched around a little and here's what I found:

"...our short growing season doesn't allow much time for good fruit formation. We have to prune most of the suckers and plenty of their leaves, and we cut their tops off in July or August - all so they will put their energy into good fruit and not into further pointless growth."

The journalist in me wants to find a few more sources before calling that the best answer, but it does make sense.

You can read the full article here:

Fine Gardening also has a great article about pruning tomatoes that goes into even more detail than the video does:

Re: Hay Makes a Great Mulch

I hope someone comes along who can answer this question for you, since this is an article from our archives that was written 12 years ago...

Re: Planning Your First Vegetable Garden

I was thinking of growing tomatoes in containers this year because my beds are small, tomatoes need a considerable amount of space, and my full-sun areas are limited. And since tomatoes need to be rotated, that means my space options are even more limited. I don't know if containers are the best solution for my space/rotation dilemma, but that's what I'm thinking of doing right now.

Fine Gardening has an article about growing tomatoes in containers that you might find helpful:


Re: Scenes from Smith's Acres Farm

I hated Brussels sprouts until recently, when I started sautéing them in olive oil with minced garlic and pine nuts. If you slightly undercook them and don't steam them, they don't have that awful bitter/acid flavor.

Re: How to Win the Snail Battle

That photo makes me shudder.

But I'm officially sold on Sluggo. Seems like everyone raves about it.

Re: Organic Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes

Look at those colors... no red dye #3 in sight.

Re: Oh, Deer

They're cool, aren't they? Her name is Kyrsten Brooker--you may want to try Googling her.

Re: The Enemy

*Moving to the "Cook it" section*

(Just kidding!)

Re: Shirley Bovshow's Edible Gardens

These are awesome, thanks for sharing!

Re: The Enemy

But snails are such a culinary delight! There must be a snail recipe around here somewhere...

Re: Beets

I have so much fun dying my house red while cooking beets. It's awesome.