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QUESTION: Is it too late to grow potatoes and corn?

I would like to plant some potatoes and corn, however, from what I'm reading, I might be a little late:( Would I still be able to produce a crop if I planted this late? Would I be more successful if...

QUESTION: When do I pick my peas?

I am a new gardener and have a beautiful crop of vine peas. My flowers have started blooming and some have begun to form pods. How do I know when to pick the pods? and when I do, should I shell them...

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Re: All About Garlic

I live in Zone 7 (Northern Virginia). When should I plant garlic that would be ready for Spring and how do I ensure that it doesn't get frozen during the winter?

Re: What Causes Bitter Cucumbers?

I had a friend water my garden when I was gone and am paying the price with bitter cucumbers. I came home and it looked like my garden was dead! I'm so upset! Can I save my cucumbers? My husband had one yesterday and said it was so bitter he had to take it out of his salad!

Re: Blue Lady Rose of Sharon

I have three Rose of Sharon in my back yard, but I don't know how to take care of them. The people who lived here before us planted them, but I haven't started discovering my green thumb until recently:) Am I suppose to prune it in early Spring or Fall?

Re: My 1st Garden!

@GerriesGirl - I have always planted Basil in pots and haven't attempted to put it in the garden yet. I guess I'm a little selfish as I want the room for my vegetables:) @Poppysquash2 - For the trellis, I bought some garden stakes at the local hardware store. I will take a close up picture of it so you can build one also. It's hard to describe via blog.