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Re: Garden Supplies On The Cheap: Your Home Edition

An old bowling ball keeps a garden gate shut well.

Egg cartons, or egg shells to start seeds.

Mason jars turned over protect seedlings from unexpected harsh weather, like a mini greenhouse.

An old butter knife is very helpful for weeding (getting weeds out by the roots).

A favorite empty wine bottle is great for indoor watering.

Pruned tree branches can be used as plant supports (check here if you like

Re: Using Sage in Warming Winter Dishes

Great article! I recently made a variation on lasagna with alfredo sauce, butternut squash, swiss chard, and of course sage. It was delicious! Also, I like to pan fry my sage in olive oil sometimes- it is delicious, and crumbles easily that way, making it delightful to eat!

Thanks for the thorough article.

Re: Growing Beautiful Food

I could not agree more! I write a blog completely devoted to keeping a beautiful vegetable garden in front yard of my urban neighborhood in Sacramento Ca. I am SO with you on this! The prettiest thing I am growing right now is dark purple cabbage.