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Re: Grafted vs. Ungrafted Tomato Report

We also tested grafted tomatoes just to see how they faired. We tried 2 varieties: San Marzano and Mamatoro. We also grew 8 other varieties in the same bed. We had an unusual gardening season with prolonged cool spring and a cooler and wetter summer than average. So in our NC garden, none of the tomatoes performed particularly well, but neither of the grafted varieties tested did very well, in fact produced fewer tomatoes than the ungrafted ones. We will be returning to the standard ungrafted ones next season.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

We had the hottest summer on record here in the Piedmont section of NC (zone 7), but we still had some good standouts in our tomato varieties. The ones we really liked were: Brandy Boy, Mamataro, Black Cherry, and 4th of July. The 4th of July produced the earliest tomatoes, and we were eating them by June 1. Now in mid Sept, they are still producing strong. The Black Cherry tomatoes had a great heirloom tomato flavor and kept producing even through the heat, and they too, are still producing. The Brandy Boy gave us an early crop of very large, over 1 lb tomatoes that tasted wonderful. This was our first year to try the Mamataro tomatoes, and we were very pleased. They were medium sized, very firm, perfectly round and smooth, red all the way to the stem, and very tasty. They didn't even crack when the other tomatoes were cracking due to the uneven watering due to lack of rain. We would definitely plant all of these varieties again. One disappointment this year was the Italian Ice, a white cherry variety. It produced a large quantity of very bland tomatoes....nice to look at but lacked the tomato flavor.