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Re: Cutting to the Chase on Cutworms

I just read about not throwing diseased plants in the compost pile in your 'Preparing Your Garden For Fall' article, but this is a bit different with pest instead of disease...

Re: Cutting to the Chase on Cutworms

Can you tell me if I can compost the material destroyed by the cutworms if it still has pests on it? My instinct is to burn it or put it in the trash, but there's a substantial amount of material and I'd like to be able to compost.

Re: Growing Lacinato "Dinosaur" Kale

I've been wanting to have kale in the garden because it's become a staple in our kitchen for juicing and smoothies. Other kale recipes I'd love to have fresh kale for as well. I'm so inspired by this awesome post with the info & photos!
Thank you!!!

I wonder if you'd mind sharing the ratio of liquid fish/seaweed fertilizer you're using. I've acquired fish fertilizer from my local organic gardener who also raises tilapia, and while I have his recommendation, I was hoping you'd be able to tell me how you apply your fertilizer, please.

Great post, thank you again!