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Theses are our Tomatoes from our last years Commuity garden plot. We had so many I had to give some away and made sauce with the rest and freeze it. I had sauce for the next 2 months:) The sauce was...


We had so many tomatoes in 2011 that we had to give some of them away and I made wholemade spaghetti sauce which I froze and had for the next 2 months:) It was delish!

Community Garden,

This is our Community Garden in the small city of Wood Village Oregon for 2011-2012.

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Re: Grow Lettuce from Seed

Love your lettuces and i am going to do some myself for the first time in a container. I have a little put together green house my husband bought himself for his tomatoes and i use it also. Our Meyer lemon tree is in there right now and waiting to get out soon. I will be coming back to your post often:)

Re: Mini Greenhouse 2 day build

I love it:) what a good job.

Re: Raised bed designs

Very cool:) I like

Re: My first garden :)

Very, very nice:) I just see all those veggies now when they get full growed:)