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Re: Try Soil Bag Planting for No-Dig Beds

so the whole busy schedule person who keeps looking at the calendar wondering when they will ever get time to plant/grow one single thing happens to fit my description .That was a year ago before I discovered soil bags .No pruning ,no digging ,no seeking weed control measures ,I don't even have to worry about cutworms with the soilbags .
The use of soilbags has made my gardening work so easy such that I feel guilty since all I have to do is sit and watch them grow (lol).
It literally reduces all the work you have to go through in the garden .I would recommend it for people with busy schedules ,people who don't have much time to look after a garden ,those who live in apartments ,those with poor soil in their areas,those who have limited garden space and those who have a thing against digging ,tilling the soil,removing weeds and adding fertilizers.

This could be a good way to also help teach your child at home how to garden .

Soilbags are a lifesaver ,the harvest you will get will leave you in owe .My cherry tomatoes are the best

Re: Basic Gardening Tools 101

hello ,the article is quite impressive .
How about going into detail about the types of wheelburrows suitable for the garden work since there happens to be a variety .
Would appreciate it so much if I had some of your views on this sometime soon .
If you require some insight you could actually look into my website :

Thanks again .