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Re: How to Grow Artichokes

I like the article Kris, well put together. here are answers to a few of the questions people have asked.

1. the small buds opening too soon, you need a little more rabbit fertlizer and water if they are not getting the nourishment from the soil they mature compact. they need growth promoters and water.

2. the aphid problem and you want organic.. lady bugs you can buy at the local nursery... if there are aphids the lady bugs will stay and eat the tasty bugs as their main diet. (some bgs are good bugs) or drape them with some ultra fine mosquito netting.

3. the plants growing abilities and contingent on your watering and fertlizing and the soil conditions..... but they grow fairly vigerous from a 6" plant to a 36" bloomer within a few months and grow larger if you protect them from the cold in the winter. (in utah they are on the south side of my house and over winter fine... i protect them with bales of straw as an additional plant saver.