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Re: The Year of the Watermelon

I have successfully grown triploid watermelons before, but this year they all croaked, despite my following the instructions to the letter: since you only get 5 seeds! in a packet, you don't get many chances (I got mine this year from Johnny's). I will try the new Harvest Moon type next year, but I will warn the newbie grower, the instructions are exacting, as far as temperature and moisture and lighting are concerned, and even careful culture doesn't guarantee success.

Regular watermelons are much easier to grow, I agree, although they do take up space. I am growing mine on a trellis this year, in the hope that that will work.

Re: Try Soil Bag Planting for No-Dig Beds

Three weeks from now, when the grass starts to grow, what are you going to do? You really can't leave that bag as in the picture (what are you going to do, weedwhack around it?), and if you just throw some mulch on top of the grass it will grow through (grass is determined stuff). But the solution is pretty simple, too: before you put your bag of dirt down, put down a layer of 6-8-10 pages of newsprint all over the grass where your bed will be. Then put your bag of dirt down, then mulch all the gaps. By the fall, you'll have killed your grass and made the dirt below much softer. I recommend "Weedfree Gardening" by Lee Reich, for more on this sort of approach.