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Video: Inside the White House Vegetable Garden

Take a closer look at the White House Vegetable Garden in this video documentary with First Lady Michelle Obama and White House Chef Sam Kass

Veggies in July

It's nearly the end of July and the vegetable garden is only just starting to bear fruit.

Video: It's Tomatomania! So Why Do You Grow Tomatoes?

We took a trip to the annual Tomatomania festival this weekend for a look at what's hot in heirloom tomatoes, from Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes (my favorite) to the Green Zebra variety. Plus, tell us why YOU grow tomatoes.

Matt's Famous Guacamole

California roots give this guacamole recipe a fresh, spicy touch and makes a perfect appetizer for your next fiesta

Gardening for Kids: Plant an Avocado Pit

Here's a fun and easy project to introduce gardening to your kids. Plant an avocado pit in a jar on your window sill and watch it grow!

DIY Landscaping: A Lawn and Garden Plot Years in the Making

It's only the second weekend in April but my impatience for the growing season has taken over. See the results of 12 hours of manual labor as I prepare my lawn and garden.

Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

Build a tumbler compost bin for your garden with less than $40 in hardware store parts.

recent comments

Re: Filo Pastry with Goat Cheese and Spinach

I've eaten at the restaurant of the same name in S.F. Excellent vegetarian experience with a nice view of the Golden Gate.

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

That's a great idea ggltd. I hadn't even thought about how I was going to remove the compost from the bin! I used a rubber grommet to help seal the hole where the pipe goes through the bucket. I picked it up at my local independent hardware store (the same place I got the buckets). It turns out to be not all that necessary.

Re: Make Your Own Tumbler Compost Bin

I uploaded a new photo showing the opening for scraps. Right now it's held down with duct tape but I'm planning to revisit that part for a long-term solution. Anyone have ideas? Suggestions welcome.

Re: Video: How to Start a Vegetable Garden: Selecting a Site

We've got more episodes on the way. Hold tight!

Re: Recently Built 4 New Raised Beds for Vegetable Garden in our Backyard

looks like cedar? that's what i'd recommend since it can withstand all types of weather and water. Pine will grow mold or deteriorate. Alternatively, if money is no option and you have a wood supplier near by other than home depot you can use redwood, teak, or ipe wood. S

Re: Tomato harvest summer 2008

Yeah Michelle! Glad to see you here. Those tomatoes look delicious!