Michelle Cherry, Arizona

gardening interests: Composting, Container Gardening, Culinary Herbs, Edible Landscaping, Gardening with Kids, Medicinal Herbs, Organic Gardening, Square-Foot Gardening, Urban Gardening, Vegetables

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/24/1964

Member Since: 05/16/2011

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HOME -vs- OFFICE /Start your favorite seeds in 'MULTIPLICITY', let MeMe01 show & tell

AeroGarden is an easy to use indoor plant growing system that uses space age aeroponic plant growing technology. With an AeroGarden, it's so easy to grow garden fresh  (CILANTRO), Exstreemly Hot...

[Suh-wah-oh] means "Saguaro"

The saguaro cactus is protected in the State of Arizona, which means that you just can't go out into the desert, find one, dig it up, and plant it in your yard. There are reputable growers and...