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Re: Learn Lashing and Make Your Own Garden Trellises

I'm hoping VegetableGardener will be able to update the clove hitch instructions so that they are correct. At present, I see that the timber hitch instructions, such as they are, also live under the clove hitch diagrams. Please fix.

Also, regarding the knotting terms that may be unfamiliar to some: if, dear reader, you're seeing these instructions online, you're probably familiar with searching for a word definition, also online. It may take a scosh more effort to type a term into another search bar, but calling these instructions "useless" because they didn't try to cram the Ashley's into one blog entry--for you--seems the height of laziness.

On the other hand, a few more proper terms for rope parts AND directional cues for wrapping—in, especially, the timber hitch directions--would be more useful and a better starting point than what is currently here. It is difficult to write good instruction, even for experts in any craft; I've discovered plenty of wrong instructions out there the hard way.

Still, thank you for putting these ideas out for all. All readers should be ready to apply discernment, practice, and insight before they call a bit of recorded experience useless.